Sphere Servers  

Sphere: virtual disk images


We offer two Virtual Sphere solutions.

Using modern virtualisation solutions you can run OfficeSphere or TeleSphere as virtual machines on a choice of host platforms.

VMWare and VirtualBox are both proven virtualisation solutions for which we can provide virtual disk images of either OfficeSphere or TeleSphere.

We also offer an OpenVZ solution which is intended for use in an existing OpenVZ host/containers environment, typically in a data centre etc.

New to Virtualisation? Read on... A virtual disk image (or container) requires a host system to run it, and typically multiple containers exist side by side on the same physical host hardware. In this way, one powerful server can be used to operate mutliple containers, each of which appears to be a self-contained, independent server in its own right. CPU, memory (and sometimes even disk space) may be shared across multiple containers, making a very cost effective "cloud" or remote server solution. The second advantage of a prebuilt virtual server (container) is that it can be set up in advance without knowing the details of the host system and is consequently ideal for distribution to end users.

For further details, and access to some demo systems, please contact us.