Sphere Servers  

Sphere: software only

You can build a Sphere system on just about any PC hardware you like, and over the past eight years we've used all sorts of kit to deliver our various Sphere solutions. From the funky RocketSphere which caught peoples' eye at MacExpo 2005, via compact quiet systems such as the Shuttle XPC range, through larger mini-tower systems (lots of Compaq server hardware has gone out of our doors) to dedicated 1U RAID servers offering a discrete system disk and over 5Tb of RAID5 storage.

But appearances can be deceptive. Under the skins these units are all very similar. Each boasts fast processing power with large hard disk(s) and lots of memory. Multiple ethernet ports are standard. USB connectivity is standard. Basic (troubleshooting) video output is standard. Sphere service and support comes as part of the package too.

So actually it's up to you. Obviously those looking for a system to co-locate in a data centre etc. are likely to opt for a rack mounting version. Those needing kit for their offices may opt for a mini-tower solution. While those on a tight budget may prefer a Shuttle XPC system.

Finally, we can also offer a Virtual Sphere solutions as Virtual Disk Images - for further details please click here.

Why build a server that looks like a Rocket? Well partly because Sphere was originally developed by a group of us at The Rocket Shop and that sparked off the idea.

But, more practically, we realised that this shape was ideal for a device that is primarily cooled by convection, and hence can run very quietly, and so can be liberated from a humming cupboard and featured in the reception or other public areas at even our funkiest clients.

Air is sucked in between the 3 feet (or fins) and passes upwards before being expelled from the grill at the top of the server.

Sphere is here!