Sphere Servers  


OfficeSphere: software for DIY installs

  • FIREWALL - a proper packet based firewall solution with fine-grained control
  • EMAIL SERVER - IMAP and POP3 with SSL, TLS, shared folders and webmail client
  • FILE SERVER - Mac, Windows, Linux, WebDAV
  • WEB SERVER - with full SSL support if required
  • DATABASE SERVER - MySQL with web control and unlimited databases
  • CONTACTS & CALENDARS - full implementation of Apple's open source CalendarServer
  • FTP SERVER - personal upload and share independently of group file shares
  • DHCP SERVER / BONJOUR / DNS CACHE - tools to make adding devices effortless
  • LDAP - the industry standard directory solution
  • PDC - manage a network of Windows clients without a Windows server!
  • - all with simple web control panels...

    The OfficeSphere small office server appliance solution uses an industrial-strength journalled file system and has solid Linux foundations. An OfficeSphere will update itself over its lifetime with our security patches and upgrades etc. as long as it has a connection to the internet.

    OfficeSphere's web control system provides simple and intuitive access for both "superuser" and all other "users". OfficeSphere is generally configured as the main firewall - it manages its own IP Tables settings based on the service options activated by the superuser. Hence one ethernet port can provide access to the outside world via broadband etc, while a second interface connects to the LAN etc. and provides DHCP and DNS caching to all other LAN clients. Other configurations are possible using more (or less) ethernet ports.

    OfficeSphere provides a full featured email server (POP3, IMAP & SMTP) with authentication and a very attractive webmail client completely in sync with all IMAP folders etc. New in 2014 with v1.9 is the ability for users to share mail folders. This is a significant improvement from using mail distribution lists because of course all the replies are also available, and sub-folders can be used for organisation etc.

    File sharing for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux is available on the LAN by default and may be enabled on the external interface if required. FTP is available to access each user's own file share and also to control the public website content. Sphere copes well with a mixed client platform environment, with options to ensure that file names etc. work on Mac, Windows and Linux without hiccups etc. OfficeSphere can work seamlessly with an existing Windows workgroup/domain if required and, new in 2014, is now also able to function as a Primary Domain Controller if required.

    OfficeSphere obviously provides a web server and independently of its control system can host its user's (or other) websites etc. PHP and MySQL are supported and creation and use of multiple MySQL databases is again made simple through the web control system.

    OfficeSphere provides CalDAV/CardDAV compliant shared contacts and calendars for all users. Built with the open source version of Apple's renowned CalendarServer, this is a full-functioned (free/busy, reminders, invitations etc.) solution built on standard CalDAV/CardDAV foundations, and works with just about anything. Moving from MS Exchange or Small Business Server (SBS)? - we have an import solution for that too!

    Finally, every OfficeSphere comes with a prepaid first year support contract - more here...

    Download our PDF DataSheet

It is far easier to appreciate exactly the full range of services each Sphere system offers, and the ease with which they may be implemented and controlled, by looking at a Sphere - so please enquire if you'd like a live demo.