Sphere Servers  

Sphere Servers will be adding many more features to TeleSphere over the next few months as we roll out more systems, each customised to work with its owners' existing IT systems.


Built using the well proven Asterisk open source telephone platform running on stable linux-powered hardware and using BT approved interfaces from Digium etc. TeleSphere is a small office PBX (phone exchange) capable of scaling from one or two 'single' lines and handsets to 30 incoming lines (ISDN30/E1 etc.) and many more handsets, including WiFi and DECT enabled portables. Distributed using existing CAT5e/6 network cabling with "power over ethernet" and working well with many established VoIP handsets such as the 300 series from Snom, TeleSphere makes using a VoIP based phone system a practical reality.

TeleSphere's web control system provides simple and intuitive access for both "superuser" and all other "users". Once a handset is joined to the system (generally as simple as plugging it in at an office network point), it learns its configuration and may then be connected to the internet ANYWHERE (subject to firewalls etc.) and will work as an extension of the system WITHOUT CALL CHARGES. Try doing that with an ordinary phone system!

Using VoIP technology, TeleSphere can route calls to anyone, anywhere, as instructed by the superuser and save a considerable amount of money on call charges. (Prices vary but typically call charges to other landlines in western Europe, will cost under 1.25p/min, and rates to mobiles are competitive too, typically around 7.5p/min). There are so many options available here that we will advise on an individual basis.

TeleSphere uses a database system to store all its configuration data and settings. Since this updates itself in real time it allows you to link your TeleSphere up to all sorts of other systems such as existing contact systems, CRMs etc. TeleSphere integrates with MS Outlook's address book allowing you to place calls directly. On Mac OSX (10.5 onwards), you can do the same thing from AddressBook, and incoming callerID can use Apple's Exposé technology to overlay details of your callers as they ring in.

Lastly, TeleSphere knows all about OfficeSphere and there is tight integration between the two systems, so that for instance, the Sphere "out of office" user control panel will, if desired, not only manage and route email traffic to a home worker, or a colleague while on holiday etc, but with TeleSphere added, also forwards voice calls and voice mail as well. All on a single, user controlled mouse click once the systems are set up and configured.

Download our PDF DataSheet

While we can supply a physical TeleSphere system and matched Snom handsets to your premises, we can also organise a hosted service using a virtualised server in a remote data centre. This cuts the cost of your hardware significanrtly, and since there is always a market for good used Snom handsets, means you can try this all out for yourself without long term contracts or commitments. Especially suitable for fast-growing businesses who may well relocate within the typical three year timeframe of a normal Telecomms contract.