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Sphere: support

Every Sphere, whether purchased as a complete system, or as one of our OfficeSphere DIY software installs or OfficeSphere / TeleSphere virtual disk images, comes with fixed price support and software updates for its first year included in the purchase price.

Towards the end of your first year, we'll invite you to continue your support agreement with us, at the following rates:

  • SuperSphere systems: £1200.00 per annum (or £120pcm)
  • TeleSphere systems: £600.00 per annum (or £60pcm)
  • MicroSphere systems: £300.00 per annum (or £30pcm)
  • OfficeSphere systems: £600.00 per annum (or £60pcm)

[ Monthly support fees available on direct debit only. All prices exclude VAT ]

We believe our fixed price support fees offer unbeatable value, and because there are no other licencing costs or per user fees, any Sphere system allows you to budget at a fixed price from purchase through to eventual retirement. And while we're on that subject, your accountants will typically write off your hardware investment over three years, but we have systems out there that are still running after twice as long as that - because our support not only provides help when you need it, but automatically keeps the products updated and secure!

Should you choose not to continue the support contract then we "de-Sphere" the system, which leaves you with a standard Linux server that can be administered by any competent Linux support technician, and we provide you with a system overview outlining what software is installed and how it's configured. But we hope you will not choose this option, because the whole point of Sphere is then lost - that simple, intuitive and easy-to-use system has just become a "black box" that requires a geek to look after it!

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