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MicroSphere is our new entry level small office server solution. But don't be fooled - its size may be micro, but the feature set is anything but! Check out our OfficeSphere page for all the details.

Everything in our normal OfficeSphere system is present in this server. It uses RAID with redundant, super fast, enterprise rated hard disks - some of our competition think that cheap laptop disks are acceptable in servers. We'll politely disagree.

With 4 x 3.5" SATA disk bays each supporting up to 3T disks there's up to 12T raw storage capability built into "Micro" Sphere. See what we mean?

But our favourite implementation uses one super fast SSD (solid state drive) as the system disk (this is like having the entire OS in RAM - that's fast!) and then a RAID5 array of 3 x 3T disks delivers more than 5T of formatted storage capacity and confidence that your data will not be lost even if a disk were to fail.

Fast connectivity (dual 1Gbe standard) means your team will never wait for files again, and an (up to) 10Gbe LAN is also an option if you wish.

MicroSphere is here, and through our support contract it's continuously updated throughout its lifetime. May 2014 sees us at v1.9 - and again the feature set has grown and the underlying systems have all been upgraded to the very latest specifications. Sphere products are future proof!

Download our PDF DataSheet

We use proven HP Proliant MicroServer hardware as the basis for our MicroSphere systems. This allows us to deliver MicroSphere at a price point which compares very favourably with, for example, an Apple Mac Mini "server" which needs some sort of external disk storage in addition.

Contrast Apple's Mac Mini - which has internal laptop disk(s) - with its Thunderbolt cable hooked up to an external RAID, with our solution - all-in-one and built as a server from the ground up with a mix of SSD (solid state) system disk and fast, rugged storage - not a desktop design that's then been tweaked to provide a server option!