Sphere Servers  

We can easily arrange co-location of your Sphere in data centres around the world. We operate Sphere systems out of a data centre in downtown Chicago for example.
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Sphere: Our systems for 2014

Sphere Servers currently offer a choice of three off-the-shelf systems...
MicroSphere our cost effective solution for small offices or workgroups
SuperSphere a powerful, expandable solution with huge capacity, processing power and network speed for creative workgroups
TeleSphere - our Voice over IP internet telephony system

Our original OfficeSphere software forms the basis for both MicroSphere and SuperSphere and may also be installed on a wide variety of other hardware. It was conceived for groups of people who need to work together, flexibly, powerfully and from different locations if needs be. It gives all its users (not just the administrator) easy yet powerful web-based access and control of the things people need on a regular basis. No more calls to "admin" and delays while things are "fixed". No extra annual or per user licencing costs. Fully supported.

MicroSphere is our entry level system with onboard RAID storage (up to 12Tb raw capacity), adequate CPU power for small workgroups and offices - all the features that make OfficeSphere a genuine server solution, with SSD system disks and other modern features to keep things snappy.

SuperSphere is all about throughput - a much enhanced OfficeSphere based system with massive RAID storage capability (up to almost 100Tb raw storage capacity), up to 12 core CPU power, independent RAID mirrored system disks and optional 10G copper ethernet (requires compatible switch(es) and network).

TeleSphere is our "internet telephony" VoIP system. Built with Asterisk open source and Digium etc. hardware components we recommend the 300 series handsets from Snom for their excellent price/performance balance. TeleSphere brings our "ease of use" philosophy to the installation and operation of small business telephone systems and will hook up to anything from a single analog phone line to ISDN30 systems, and beyond... And of course, being another Sphere product, integration with our OfficeSphere is tight. Convergence between IT systems and telephony is the future, and with a TeleSphere< system the foundations are in place to build powerful, and highly cost-effective solutions.

The Sphere philosophy, server solutions for the rest of us, is what makes a Sphere product different. We design our systems not only for those installing and maintaining them, but also to allow their users to safely and quickly control their own settings etc. without having to call in, and wait for, "administrators".

With its open-source foundations that do not have hidden licencing costs, Sphere's total cost of ownership is very competitive, especially for organisations with a fast turn-around on staff (freeelance production teams etc.).